Event: Summer School on Optimization in Machine Learning and Inverse Problems

Context: TradOpt ITN

Location: CentraleSupélec (online)

Dates: 5/7/2021-9/7/2021

Contact: Emilie Chouzenoux & Jean-Christophe Pesquet

Event: Summer School on Artificial Intelligence

Location: CentraleSupélec (online)

Dates: 28/6/2021-2/7/2021

Contact: Fragkiskos Malliaros

Defense: PhD of Abdulkadir Celikkanat

Topic: Graph representation learning with random walk diffusions

Defense date: 21/04/2021

Institution: University Paris-Saclay

PhD advisors: Fragkiskos Malliaros & Nikos Paragios (TheraPanacea)

Social news: Antonin Dutrey is born: 3.5 kg and 52 cm!

Contact: jana.dutrey at